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Shakti Pool
Supporting Women & the
LGBT Community through Cardano

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Shakti translates from Hindi most directly as “power”, and is described as divine feminine energy.


To honor this, we aim to harness the power of Cardano to support causes related to women and the LGBT community, with a focus on intersectionality.


For our delegators, we also commit to running a professional and reliable operation to contribute and invest in the Cardano network

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About us

Shakti is a woman-led pool based in San Francisco, CA. Our team is composed of talented software engineers at Google and Microsoft. We are passionate about both the future of decentralized finance and making a difference in the present through social justice initiatives. 

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Our Terms

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Fixed Fee

This is the minimum allowed by the Cardano network, and helps cover the costs of running our pool




We've dedicated our own funds to this pool to establish our dedication to running it professionally

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Margin Fee

This is the fee taken before money is distributed to delegators, and is the source of our donation





Mission Driven Pools (MDP) is a collective of charitable Cardano stake pool operators. Their goal is to encourage pools to donate a part of their profits to organizations around the world.


Cardano Single Pool Alliance is a group of separate stake pool operators who have all vowed to run a single stake pool for the purpose of maintaining decentralization in the Cardano ecosystem.


Women in Blockchain is a portfolio of united women run Cardano stake pools. 





As a delegator to Shakti, we want you to feel confident about your decision to stake with us. Our pool is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and is geographically distributed across the U.S. to ensure maximal availability and resilience. Our servers are backed up regularly to ensure any unlikely disruptions can be quickly resolved.

As our pool expands, we will invest in global relays for additional availability.


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