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Our Donation Philosophy

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Dear supporters and friends,

As we begin discussing and determining charities to donate to using our Shakti pool earnings, we believe it is important to establish a framework for selecting organizations. With these principles in mind, we hope to make choices that most effectively advance our mission.

Mission Alignment

Charities we donate to should fall under our mission statement of supporting women and/or the LGBT community. While a simple restriction, it is a necessary one, as there are many worthy charities and causes to support!

Delegator Input

We want to encourage our delegators to have stake with us both in a financial and philanthropic sense. Delegators should feel comfortable suggesting ideas for charities they would want us to support, and also have a say in the final selection of charities. To this end, we have opened up a specific "donation" channel on our Discord server, which you can join here!

Diverse Leadership

Beyond supporting charities that help women and the LGBT community, an organization's leadership is a reflection of its values. We want to ensure that the organizations we work with value diversity in their own boards and leadership, and reflect the communities they hope to serve.


Intersectional Focus

Shakti recognizes that women and folks in the LGBT community may face specific issues or experience misogyny, homophobia or transphobia differently due to factors beyond gender and sexuality. We will use this perspective to ensure we are serving as many facets of our community as we can over time.


Local Empowerment

If we were to donate to causes with an international scope, we will prioritize donating to local efforts over foreign interventions. As an example, consider a cause of "making period products more widely available in areas where they may not be". Rather than supporting a charity that ships in and distributes products, we may prefer to look for local nonprofits or businesses in the area who are hoping to establish themselves on that front. We hope that simultaneously creating jobs in this way has a more sustainable impact.


As always, we encourage discussion, and see this as an evolving set of guidelines. If you have questions or comments you can reply here, in our Discord server (link in "Delegator Input" section), or on Twitter @shktipool!

Thank you for reading, and best regards from the Shakti Team!


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